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How secure is your business?

Last week, we discussed how 90% of your printing costs go towards document management, end-user time, admin and IT support. This week, we are focusing in on one of these areas that are the biggest drain on a business: security.

On average, a company loses 5% of its revenue to fraud. These losses not only affect the bottom line, but also incur compliance fines, customer service cost and churn, and brand and reputation damage – and reputation is not something that can be bought back once it is lost.

The problem is that existing security systems are not evolving at the pace of sophisticated cyber criminals. Unlike many at senior management and board level, criminals do not consider security issues to be taboo, rather exploiting business leaders’ reluctance to address fraud effectively.

Endpoint security used to be all a CIO had to worry about, but with business going mobile, anything online is vulnerable to theft or attack. Firewalls stop the criminals from getting into the system, but don’t take into account risky employee behaviour. PC and network security are a good start, but few companies understand the threat of ineffective printer security. Confidential prints left on printers, hackers accessing printer hard drives and a loose print policy all put your business at risk.

Just as a mobile workforce is reducing silos within company departments, business processes must be considered as a whole, instead of as separate systems. Any information that enters, is processed and leaves a business is an asset that can be hacked, stolen or exploited.

AYOH disrupts the status quo by looking at your actual business processes, and not a hypothetical idea created by an office automation company far removed from your lived experience. We look at all of the vulnerable security points that your business information passes through, whether a physical firewall, or flash disk in the pocket of an employee, and build a security solution that mitigates risk as much as possible.

Document management cloud storage, off-site back-up and storage, outsourced data recovery, automated rules-based access control, intelligent printer malware detection, print user authentication and a ‘pull print’ policy, all go a long way to securing your business.

Disrupt the status quo; break the taboo, and take security as seriously as we do.